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Better Late Than Never - 9/13 H Throne of Thunder
09/09/2013 09:33 PM by Scubacuda.

Yes, I know Patch 5.4 is coming out today! I've been an absolute lazy asshole all through ToT and I kept making empty promises to update this site. To be fair, we did lose our site briefly a month or two ago, so that doesn't help. Anyways, I feel it'd just be wise to disclose our heroic progression the day 5.4 hits. I promise to disclose heroic SoO progression.

We managed to get 9 of them! These are in order:

First off was Jin'rokh. Many people will remember him from the vanilla ZG days, especially paladins since he called them heathens! Many expansions later, he comes back after being given severe 'roid infusions. Our paladins were able to extract their revenge after being slandered so long ago.

Next was Ji-kun. Ole bird brain here was a bane for Pinupgirl (he's since quit *sadface*) because he could never catch the egg. Also the taste of regurgitated food isn't that great.

Next was Iron Qon. I'm sure I speak for everyone and Qon can take that spear of his and shove it up his ass. Pro-tip...wait for everyone to lose AIDS before stacking unless you want Wagon to scream at you.

Up next was Horridon. After a few kills this guy finally dropped his mount that I won; Sylanah is still angry about it.

Next was Tortos. Pinupgirl was our Mario until he ran out of lives. Avensora was promoted from Luigi to Mario. I also don't remember how many times Carl fell asleep on this fight.

Twin Consorts was next. I don't know if these women could prove to be anything useful besides play-things. They certainly don't look like they can childbear...assuming Mogu are even able to.

Here is Primordius. Mutations never felt so good! Even better is mass-rezzing and watching the person fall through the floor to Ra-den's room.

Troll Council was next. I really hope there are no more trolls in any future expansions. The troll factions are a horse that Blizzard keeps trying to ride even though its been hauled off to the glue factor and is now in am Elmer's bottle. If anything, Frost King felt out of place here because he wasn't seen at all in Wrath when his own faction was being wiped out. What kind of leader is that?

Lastly we downed Megaera. Not. A. Fun. Fight. I have nothing left honestly.

I'm not doing one of these mass-bulk updates again...hurts my brain too much.


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