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The Legion Arrives 8/30/16 - TC Will Prepare
06/25/2016 11:11 PM by Scubacuda.

It's been over a year since The Company <TC> has posted any news. That's primarily my fault, as much has changed for us over the past year and a half.

We made progress through Mythic Hellfire Citadel up until we got burnt out and have since ceased raiding for the expansion. Our last status was 9/13 Mythic, which was months ago. But when Blizzard makes a massive mistake of content drought of only 2 raid tiers in an expansion, it's inevitable. Also, we ended up bringing in people that didn't end up fitting in with our core group, whom either left / got kicked or deliberately caused trouble in raids.

With Legion on the near horizon about two months from now, we're starting to rebuild our raiding team with old friends from the past and maintaining those who stuck with us through fairly more recent expansions. We certainly will be pursuing raiding into eventual Mythic difficulty in Legion; a few of us have beta access and have been learning up on the changes.

More information will be posted before Legion, but until then we are biding our time and enjoying the summer. And as a final reminder, if ANY old TC members from Hyjal are still reading this website, we'd be happy to have you on Proudmoore to reconnect with old friends and players. You don't have to raid by any means, but this game is better with friends as we all know and over the past few months some old, familiar faces have moved over to re-establish those memories.

If you want further information, reach out to either Andas (GM) or Scubacuda (Officer).


None yet.

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