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Scouring the Vaults - 5/6 H Mogu'shan Vaults
11/29/2012 04:02 PM by Scubacuda.

The Company has come to Pandaria and we've already been well underway with the raiding once again. Going forward we'll only be highlighting heroic kills. We have two to show you now:

Stone Guards takes us back to the lights of the disco floor. The lights encourage us to keep dancing, moving every so cleverly around mines and puddles, and pulling our partners back to our sides thanks to some chains. We even brought along our Perky Pugs with us to on a few attempts as well.

Update - 12/2/12

Here we have Feng the Accursed. Poor guy has been killed so many times by his own kind, so one would have to imagine what it must be like to lose to a ragtag team of humans, elves, and draenei (other races not allowed) who aren't there for any particular reason. In addition, anything he was able to do, we (well Andas) did better.

Update - 1/2/13

Gara'jal is the first time I have LITERALLY spec'd and healed as Disc in MoP. Suffice to say I had to quickly brush up on my Disc since the last time I tossed out a Penance was heroic Madness. Even pumping out a million raid DPS early on makes this fight really hard to beat enrage. All those sub-1% wipes eventually paid off though. Also Gara'jal, we took that thing you were looking for in the spirit realm.

Update - 2/7/13

It got a little hot this far into the instance, so we took a brief moment to take off all our clothes while killing these 4 guys and pillage their loot. Pro-tip...stack humans; EMFH will be your salvation.

Update - 2/18/13

Algalon thought he was special for being the first boss, let alone NPC, to utilize the unique style of showing the internal skeletal model through a transparent body. Enter Elegon, stalwart dragon protector of a massive engine and already the bitch of 2 of our raiders who took him for mounts. This is once again another fight that is probably doable as Holy, but it's just easier as Disc.


It's hard to segway into how I mash in the two achievements for this. Holy Toledo It's Good! If you get that reference, pat yourself on the back.

Mogu'shan Vaults progression will be kept in this news post. Heart of Fear will get its own as will Terrace.


None yet.

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