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Overcoming our Fears - 2/6 H Heart of Fear.
02/22/2013 01:03 AM by Scubacuda.

Making good on my prior word that we'd dedicate a separate news post to Heart of Fear content...here it is! We start off by showcasing our latest kills...two in one night.

The first of two "lords" died tonight; Blade Lord Ta'yak. They say that you should 2-heal this, but we deviated from the norm and 3-healed it with me Smite / Penance spamming. Higher-end guilds can probably make better use of their Disc priests, but I've been a Smite-spammer since vanilla so I felt right at home...

Even though Disc does lesser damage than Holy...

Nevertheless, we killed him before he could put out the braziers.

The other "lord" was Wind Lord Mel'jarak. We once again broke away from the norm on this fight and did things differently. When we first did this fight back on normal, it reminded me of the older days when we used to have incredibly short-fused CC'ers...on trash. Break it and the swear words would fly! Some of those players aren't around anymore, and if they saw this fight and what the CC'ing would entail, swearing at you would be considered polite.

Also, <3...the Wind Bombs. I don't think some of my guildmates can say the same about that though.


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