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Laying Siege to Orgrimmar - 12/14 H Siege of Orgrimmar
10/16/2013 10:37 PM by Scubacuda.

Update 09-11-14

Believe me when I say that I don't like that it's been 6 months since our last update. But that's what happens when you have people quit and you reside on a server that has next to zero capable Alliance raiders. It's gotten so bad, The Company was the last major Alliance raiding guild left on Hyjal; any others remaining are casual or PvP-only. PvP-only players have tiny brains...so I guess that includes my brother who plays on Suramar!

So with that out of the way, The Company has moved to PROUDMOORE! We were thinking Sargeras, but we decided not to because our former tree ran off there. We are now known on Proudmoore as "TC." The Company was already taken so we decided to pull a card out of The Fabled's book and abbreviate the name. So if any The Company members are still on Hyjal, that's our new home. Our names are pretty much the same except for Liquidhal, which is now just Hal.

So having been there, we're recruiting obviously. In the meantime, we did FINALLY kill Blackfuse. Ironic isn't it that we killed him on September 11th?

We realize that we're close to WoD now. We're hoping to experience Paragons and Garrosh before 6.0 hits. If we don't, well, that's what happens when you go through what we did on Hyjal. Let's hope Proudmoore proves to offer more to us than Hyjal did. Hyjal was a good home for TC all these years, but its time to move on. Goodbye Hyjal!

Update 03-30-14

Holy shit it's been a while since we've updated this post with a new heroic kill. We've been through a little bit of a rough time with some former members deciding to take their balls and going home elsewhere. Finally we've managed to get our raid roster back in working order, and very quickly, downed a new boss!

Before I get to that boss though, I'm going to elaborate on our 3-month silence. While yes, we did have some members leave and some disappear (a particular shaman), the overall reason why we haven't killed anything until today is because of what tomorrow is. Don't know what that is? It's the Obamacare deadline!

Like most people, we're procrastinators at heart. So when we realized that if we didn't get a new kill before the day we'd all be signing up for socialistic healthcare, our lives would be ruined and miserable forever. So we banged our heads together and killed Thok!

We had perhaps the most crippling raid roster to do this with; no real melee DPS and all casters. But we managed to kill Thok after a short amount of time; before our hiatus we only pulled him about 5 times I think. Onwards to Blackfuse...*groan*

In the meantime, enjoy all your socialist healthcare, especially my fellow Chicagoans; Obummer is your savior and he also rummages my junk!

Update 12-13-13:

So much for being spoiled.

This is one of those fights where if one side fucks up consistently, the other side starts to laugh at the mistakes. My side would be on Mantid and we'd be the cause of the wipes. My side swaps with Andas' to Mogu and then Andas' group causes the wipes a lot. You should be able to tell by now Mantid is the shittier side.

Always make sure to give the machine a good kick! We're starting on Thok now; oh...my...God!

Update 11-17-13:

Starting to get into the true difficulty of heroics now in Siege. Commence the true pain and suffering....

We fought against Malkorok.

Alliance has no real backstory with this guy, but the Horde do. He comes off as a bit of a prick in the scenario in which you meet him. Step into Siege and he's a Kargath Bladefist wannabe with that sword or w/e on his arm. And like I said at the start of this, this is the first of the properly hard heroics.

Don't bring his friend at the bottom of the stairs to the encounter!

I can't wait to get "spoiled" next week...

Update 11-8-13:

We've had 3 more heroic kills added to the list since last update.

First was Galakras.

When on normal mode this fight is long and boring. Sometimes if you want to give your healers something to do, allow Fracture to go full duration on one of the leaders. On heroic though, it becomes a bit more lively, but still an agonizingly long fight. Sylanah is so pro, she can easily keep all the NPC's alive. We got that achievement sort of unintentionally because of her healing abilities.

Next was the Kor'kron Dark Shaman.

These two are...nearly...inseparable. You'll see their corpses are a bit far apart; go farther up the hill off to the right and you'll find their make-out spot behind some demolishers. This is a fight I'm sure could be done easily as Holy, but for stupid reasons I went Disc instead to get Sylanah to shut up.

And to finish this update batch, General Nazgrim.

Let loose Gamon off those chains and watch him to go town!

Update 10-24-13:

Once again two more heroics tonight!

First off, the Sha of Pride.

The final Sha that so many people, for so many months, knew was going to be somehow involved in the end-game. Personally I thought Garrosh would have brought it to Orgrimmar and infused all his Kor'Kron with loads of pride.

I did it as Disc and I didn't like it. There is so...much...moving. Also Pac-Man!

Next was Iron Juggernaut.

I can't wait to ride a mini version of this! Also we were in for a bit of a surprise when we didn't realize his enrage timer was 2 minutes off. Oh well, he was still hauled off to the scrap heap.

Update 10-17-13:

We scored two more heroics tonight.

First up, Fallen Protectors.

Since the old Golden Lotus daily quest hub was blown to bits due to Garrosh kickstarting the Heart, three of those quest givers have lost their minds. I would too, because the Golden Lotus daily progression was perhaps the worst implementation of the daily system in WoW to date. Other factions I could tolerate, but not GL. Glad we put these guys out of their misery.

Next, Norushen.

This is a fun fight because I was able to solo heal it on Normal a few weeks ago. If Blizzard would only give us more Conqueror tokens (and if the fucking coins worked) I could get my 4pc and perhaps considering solo healing on heroic. Shit, if Paragon can do it on Heroic Garrosh, surely I can do it on this fight?

Original Post

So much for the nice, pretty Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Garrosh has finally fallen off the loony scale and now we're embarking on a journey to remove what was once a whiny, puny orc from Outlands to now the Warchief of the [True]Horde. This journey started in Borean Tundra and will end underneath Orgrimmar.

First off, Immerseus!

He's a gigantic water elemental that has gone mental because of Garrosh kickstarting the Heart in the Vale. Looking at him the first time might give you shivers because his head looks uncomfortably similar to that of an Alien. After wiping off his face and not getting impaled through the head, he handed over a chest and Liquidhal went bonkers for a heroic warforged trinket that dropped.

Pro-tip by the way: run through him; it tickles.

As always, achievement images as proof of demise:


None yet.

The Company's Hardcore Druid Makes #1
10/16/2013 10:30 PM by Scubacuda.

Before we get into the matter of bringing down Garrosh Hellscream, one of our guild members has some bragging to do.

Ever since Proving Grounds has gone live, the scene has pretty much been dominated by druids and the random monk. Personally I've only gotten to wave 22 as a holy priest, but our resto druid Sylanah, well, she's done quite a bit more then that:

Yes, what you see there is she is #1, beating out anyone in the US and EU. That was taken about 30 minutes ago, so it isn't like it's a month old. I believe she told me it took 6.7 hours...roughly. All the power to you to go that far; I'll be fine if I ever manage to pull off 30 as a holy priest.

Be sure to congratulate her and pay Hyjal a nice warm welcome Alliance side with your level 1 alts, showering her with praise or pitiful jealousy.


None yet.

Better Late Than Never - 9/13 H Throne of Thunder
09/09/2013 09:33 PM by Scubacuda.

Yes, I know Patch 5.4 is coming out today! I've been an absolute lazy asshole all through ToT and I kept making empty promises to update this site. To be fair, we did lose our site briefly a month or two ago, so that doesn't help. Anyways, I feel it'd just be wise to disclose our heroic progression the day 5.4 hits. I promise to disclose heroic SoO progression.

We managed to get 9 of them! These are in order:

First off was Jin'rokh. Many people will remember him from the vanilla ZG days, especially paladins since he called them heathens! Many expansions later, he comes back after being given severe 'roid infusions. Our paladins were able to extract their revenge after being slandered so long ago.

Next was Ji-kun. Ole bird brain here was a bane for Pinupgirl (he's since quit *sadface*) because he could never catch the egg. Also the taste of regurgitated food isn't that great.

Next was Iron Qon. I'm sure I speak for everyone and Qon can take that spear of his and shove it up his ass. Pro-tip...wait for everyone to lose AIDS before stacking unless you want Wagon to scream at you.

Up next was Horridon. After a few kills this guy finally dropped his mount that I won; Sylanah is still angry about it.

Next was Tortos. Pinupgirl was our Mario until he ran out of lives. Avensora was promoted from Luigi to Mario. I also don't remember how many times Carl fell asleep on this fight.

Twin Consorts was next. I don't know if these women could prove to be anything useful besides play-things. They certainly don't look like they can childbear...assuming Mogu are even able to.

Here is Primordius. Mutations never felt so good! Even better is mass-rezzing and watching the person fall through the floor to Ra-den's room.

Troll Council was next. I really hope there are no more trolls in any future expansions. The troll factions are a horse that Blizzard keeps trying to ride even though its been hauled off to the glue factor and is now in am Elmer's bottle. If anything, Frost King felt out of place here because he wasn't seen at all in Wrath when his own faction was being wiped out. What kind of leader is that?

Lastly we downed Megaera. Not. A. Fun. Fight. I have nothing left honestly.

I'm not doing one of these mass-bulk updates again...hurts my brain too much.


None yet.

Overcoming our Fears - 2/6 H Heart of Fear.
02/22/2013 01:03 AM by Scubacuda.

Making good on my prior word that we'd dedicate a separate news post to Heart of Fear content...here it is! We start off by showcasing our latest kills...two in one night.

The first of two "lords" died tonight; Blade Lord Ta'yak. They say that you should 2-heal this, but we deviated from the norm and 3-healed it with me Smite / Penance spamming. Higher-end guilds can probably make better use of their Disc priests, but I've been a Smite-spammer since vanilla so I felt right at home...

Even though Disc does lesser damage than Holy...

Nevertheless, we killed him before he could put out the braziers.

The other "lord" was Wind Lord Mel'jarak. We once again broke away from the norm on this fight and did things differently. When we first did this fight back on normal, it reminded me of the older days when we used to have incredibly short-fused CC'ers...on trash. Break it and the swear words would fly! Some of those players aren't around anymore, and if they saw this fight and what the CC'ing would entail, swearing at you would be considered polite.

Also, <3...the Wind Bombs. I don't think some of my guildmates can say the same about that though.


None yet.

Scouring the Vaults - 5/6 H Mogu'shan Vaults
11/29/2012 04:02 PM by Scubacuda.

The Company has come to Pandaria and we've already been well underway with the raiding once again. Going forward we'll only be highlighting heroic kills. We have two to show you now:

Stone Guards takes us back to the lights of the disco floor. The lights encourage us to keep dancing, moving every so cleverly around mines and puddles, and pulling our partners back to our sides thanks to some chains. We even brought along our Perky Pugs with us to on a few attempts as well.

Update - 12/2/12

Here we have Feng the Accursed. Poor guy has been killed so many times by his own kind, so one would have to imagine what it must be like to lose to a ragtag team of humans, elves, and draenei (other races not allowed) who aren't there for any particular reason. In addition, anything he was able to do, we (well Andas) did better.

Update - 1/2/13

Gara'jal is the first time I have LITERALLY spec'd and healed as Disc in MoP. Suffice to say I had to quickly brush up on my Disc since the last time I tossed out a Penance was heroic Madness. Even pumping out a million raid DPS early on makes this fight really hard to beat enrage. All those sub-1% wipes eventually paid off though. Also Gara'jal, we took that thing you were looking for in the spirit realm.

Update - 2/7/13

It got a little hot this far into the instance, so we took a brief moment to take off all our clothes while killing these 4 guys and pillage their loot. Pro-tip...stack humans; EMFH will be your salvation.

Update - 2/18/13

Algalon thought he was special for being the first boss, let alone NPC, to utilize the unique style of showing the internal skeletal model through a transparent body. Enter Elegon, stalwart dragon protector of a massive engine and already the bitch of 2 of our raiders who took him for mounts. This is once again another fight that is probably doable as Holy, but it's just easier as Disc.


It's hard to segway into how I mash in the two achievements for this. Holy Toledo It's Good! If you get that reference, pat yourself on the back.

Mogu'shan Vaults progression will be kept in this news post. Heart of Fear will get its own as will Terrace.


None yet.

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