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The Company, Saviors of Azeroth
05/20/2012 08:34 PM by Scubacuda.

The Company has beaten Cataclysm as it was meant to be. Deathwing is no more and The Company is the Alliance's "Saviors of Azeroth" on Hyjal. We have ended this expansion as the top Alliance guild on the server.

In addition to finally beating the expansion, we finished the meta and...most...unlocked their purple Twilight Harbingers. And as a worthy congratulations, Andas received our first Lifebinder's mount. Sure he might have just won the roll, but having been our raid leader for many years, I'm quite content with him getting the first one.

Time to get our farm on! And since we've beaten Cataclysm, no more news!

So with that being said, The Company will see you all in Pandaria.


congrats.Redlightnin at 05/30/2012 08:57 AM
The End of Deathwing + Heroic Dragon Soul 8/8
12/08/2011 11:30 PM by Scubacuda.


Late last week we killed that stupid tauren and broke Deathwing's spine to the point that not even Homer's Spine-O-Cylinder can save him. After watching some nice cutscenes, we went toe-to-toe with the biggest boss that perhaps WoW has ever seen.

While the setting of the Maelstrom sure pounds the shit out of the Frozen Throne, the fight doesn't seem to have the same feel that The Lich King did honestly. What's really stopping us from taking a meat cleaver to his arms / wings and just kicking his sorry ass off the platform and dumping him into the ocean to drown? Don't get me wrong, the scale of the fight is incredible. But in terms of a personal elation at seeing a boss die...Lich King still sits high up there. Ultimately, watching Deathwing wrangle around and then being vaporized *SPOILERS* just wasn't the same as the ending portion of Lich King in ICC.

But whatever the comparisons, Blizzard forcing me to ONCE AGAIN go Disc for the last boss of the last raid content was not surprising. We shall start heroics in Dragon Soul next week no doubt.

Until then, here's your conclusion shot of Dragon Soul:


None yet.

Normal Mode's Need Cialis
12/01/2011 04:54 PM by Scubacuda.

The Dragon Soul raid needs to ask itself a question, "are you ready?" Some guild members stepped into the LFR version of the instance and pretty much laughed at it. Stepping into the 10m normal version, those laughs are certainly carried over. The first 4 bosses are an absolute joke. It wasn't until Ultra when we stretched our cockiness too far and wiped a few times. After we killed him though, we had to stop because Carl had peaked and needed some hours to recharge.

So I will post our kill shots for your consumption:


Also, we became the first guild on the server, and probably the world, to have a black mage receive a legendary. Liquidhal resonates his black nature; he demanded reparations for all the years of being a slave...to the arcane playstyle. It's a good thing our government doesn't cave in...because we did.


None yet.

Ragnaros Took a Chill Pill - 6 / 7 Heroic Firelands
08/21/2011 09:16 PM by Scubacuda.

After weeks of constant sub-20% wipes because of people getting surrounded by big flaming balls, we finally shoved that chill pill down Rag's throat. And for the record...because it has been asked so many damn times over Vent...Ragnaros gives 480 rep if you are a HUMAN! Go humans! All you other races can suck our dicks.

Overall, an awesome fight! I can't wait to see the heroic version. But for now, we can sit back and wait till next week when we can go in and disabuse the shit out of Heroic Shannox.


And thus now we begin the insufferable (at the time)...I mean...heavily nerfed (now) heroic modes of Firelands.

Future heroic kills I will just amend this post instead of boring you to death with new ones.


Ramming blue tanking helms into rag while DCing is the real secret to killing him.Andas at 08/28/2011 11:29 PM
Majordumbass Staghelm
07/21/2011 10:11 PM by Scubacuda.

Fandral, get over your fucking self and just realize that your son is dead already! Oh also, your daughter is a twat too. Overall, what a rotten pile of tripe you turned out to be. You should have died back in the Stormrage novel!

Time to go make friendly with Raggy and convince him to give Pinupgirl a new Sulfuras...


None yet.

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