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02/14/2010 11:34 PM by Scubacuda.

For some, this might be no big deal. But for us, it sorta is. You see, this is our first legendary the guild has obtained in an active expansion / raid season. It'll definately be put to good use.

Nejji has legendaries as well, but he's our tank, which doesn't count.

Congrats once again Stormkiss!


None yet.

Not so good news
02/04/2010 11:05 PM by Scubacuda.

This guy isn't Jesus coming to deliver to us the good news. Quite the contrary.

Good riddance.


Aww, Letum moved so no bear ass in his face; although, I have a...crying dwarf?...in front of me.Andas at 02/13/2010 07:43 AM
They got their inspiration from Kael'thas
01/21/2010 11:22 PM by Scubacuda.

Killing these guys the first time was only a setback! Seriously Blizzard, the "Kael'thas" approach to bosses is getting old.

We were hoping the 25 man version would do the 10 man damage...since apparently Blizzard got it wrong in 10 man. But whatever

Funny. I've gotten far worse insults in my WoW career. The seeds of hatred have been planted. Should I show him the "Chicago way" of doing things?


As always, my face is in Andas' ass.Letum at 01/22/2010 12:29 AM
I thought you liked 'Bare Ass'? Doh I mean 'Bear Ass'! ;)Apryldaun at 01/24/2010 10:42 AM
Two can be as bad as one
01/20/2010 05:02 PM by Scubacuda.

This news is a tad old, but I was hoping for us to kill Putricide and then I could post the kills en masse.

Festergut is a new Patchwerk. You gotta have X amount of DPS to kill him before the enrage. It's not terribly difficult, as long as you don't have people vomiting on one another. You cannot really afford anyone to die either, so healers need to stay awake.

Rotface, on the other hand, is more relaxed. You can fight him for as long as you want; it doesn't matter! The fight mechanics are so boring that the fight can be done with potentially as little as 4 healers. Of course, knowing our raid group, we try to keep things "interesting." Such things usually end up with me yelling over Vent, Redlightnin having a heart attack, Carl getting another beer, Stormkiss DC'ing, or Deathryzer talking on Vent to scare Red.

I will not deliver the good news yet because, well, there is no good news yet! I'm so sick of hearing those two words!


None yet.

Storming the Citadel
12/13/2009 11:15 PM by Scubacuda.

It feels a bit awkward storming into a place that has been barricaded for the past...oh I don't know...7 years now? It's been a while since we last visited Icecrown Citadel. But finally after the Argent Crusade discovered a fantastic siege weapon called a "battering ram," we finally get to head inside and make way to Arthas.

Lord Marrowgar was our first encounter. I don't have much to say about this boss except he's like Supremus, but in an amusing way. After killing him, you can get an amazing upwards view of the frozen spire.

Lady Deathwhisper was next. Despite her name, she doesn't whisper sweet nothings to you. Remember Moam from AQ20? You needed like 7 priests to mana burn that asshole in addition to Viper Sting and everything else. In this fight however, it's far more civilized.

After that boss is the most ingenious boss...erm, encounter, in WoW. A one-on-one battle between a Horde gunship and an Alliance gunship. Yes, they have names, but that isn't important. I cannot begin to tell you have unbelievably boring the fight is from a healer perspective. Henceforth, that is why it's fun. Also, rocket packs on a druid's ass. Andas has never looked so aggressive.

Finally, the son of a father that has been known to absolutely decimate Alliance raids in Orgrimmar. Yes, Saurfang made his return to ICC, but in the form of a DK. He sadly doesn't live up to his reputation of his father and rather looks like a whimp. You might be asking yourself why he isn't in our kill shot. Well his father had the audacity to arrive and take his bloody body away. We were never given a opportunity to tea-bag or do anything else.

I'm also happy to report that Blizzard made Muradin Bronzebeard black like Brann was early in the expansion. He sounds like the Demoman in Team Fortress 2.

Future content is locked until after January arrives. Blizzard did that for obvious reasons.

In the meantime, everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy...w/e that Jewish holiday is. I can never spell it.


It is spelled Hanukkah (no I am not Jewish)

Scary that you get turned on by jetpacks on Andas's ass.

Moril at 12/14/2009 12:48 AM
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